Kings of War-Hobby on the Cheap

WAAAGH! Oh no-that's the other ones isn't it...

After smurfing (technical term) around the internet, I discovered Mantic Games. I had heard of Mantic before, and that Alessio Cavatore had joined their ranks, but I hadn’t really looked into it. Having nothing else to do, I had a smurf (still a technical term) and read the rules for Kings of War. It seemed good. I wondered as to how playable it would be. So, for the new year, I’ve written a 700pts (works for a quick game) Orc list based around the Army bundle box.

The List

1xKrudger (Avatars of War model)

30 (Horde)x Ax-Banner, Musician

20 (Regiment)x Greatax-Banner. Musician

3 (Troop)x Orclings

3 (Troop)x Orclings

10 (Regiment)x Gore Riders-Banner, Musician


I’ve added the Kurdger because an army don’t feel quite right without some form of leader. Also, with an Me of 3+ and Crushing Strength(2), he hits automatically with a healthy 5 attacks. I might place him on a Gore and use him as a War Engine hunter.

I’ve added Banners and Musicians for two reasons, 1) for 25pts for the both of them it’s worth it for what you’re getting, and 2) it looks cooler.

The Gore Riders are something I’m really liking. With sixteen attacks and Me 3+, they’ll be used in flanking units and destroying annoying War Engines.

I have so idea what I’m going to use the Orclings for, probably just getting in the way being annoying, and the Ax and Greatax will form up as my line infantry.


As I stated at the beginning, the whole objective of this is to get an army at as low a price as possible. As I plan of purchasing this gear on Total Wargamer, the lot comes to £47.57, which is good, considering a Horde of Ax normally costs 25 quid.

Next time, a product review of the models.


Chaos Marines-Troops

I refuse to believe that any Codex is useless. If it was useless, no-one would buy it, and so GW wouldn’t produce it, even their business acumen is enough to tell them that. But people do seem to think otherwise. I’ve heard bad things about Chaos Marines, and , yes, in some cases I can understand it, Chaos Dreadnoughts do suck, but in some ways Chaos Marines rock. For example, the power of the Codex is try much in the Troops choices. Other armies have to look to elites (Eldar) or HQs/Special Characters (Draigowing/Loganwing/Deathwing) for their power. But CSM get troops.

Chaos Space Marines

Ahh, the much ignored Chaos Marine. Why is he much ignored? Because he is a Tactical Marine, and people aren’t too fond of Tac Squads. Well, he’s not quite a Tac Marine. For a start, he is one point cheeper, and gets and extra point of leadership and a chainsword. However, on the other hand, he loses And They Shall Know No Fear. Conveniently, Aspiring Champions give the unit Ld.10, and the Icon of Chaos Glory should make them stay where you need them.

But why should I take one over a Cult Troop? Well, they are Tac Marine equivalents (TEQs. Yes, I think I’ll start using that), and so are therefore as flexible as their loyalist brethren, but they also get an extra attack. If you want a fighty squad, you can give them the Mark of Khorne or Slannesh, for a more resilient squad, the Mark of Tzeentch (which is better on Terminators) or Nurgle (which is better on bikes). When you combine this with the diversity of their weapon upgrades, you’ve got yourself a squad that can do whatever you need it to.

Khorne Bezerkers

He looks like an Angry Bunny...

These are probably my favourite. Weapon Skill 5, Furious Charge and 4 attacks on the Charge, these guys are going to hurt something. A popular set up is to take 8 guys, one of which is a Skull Champion with either a Power weapon or Power Fist in a Rhino. The advantage with a Rhino is that you can put a Combi-melta on top, so they can bag a tank before they get to work on the squishes inside. I have also seen a list where four Land Raiders full of ‘zerkers were taken, which is hugely pointy, but I can’t see any chance of their mobility being removed before you are too close for your own safety.

The drawbacks are, however, that you can’t assault out of a Rhino that has moved that turn. So, either you drive up,  get out and stand there for a turn asking for Plasma Guns to shoot you, or you drive up, stop (and probably pop smoke) and pray no-one destroys your Rhino. Also, these guys are 6 points more expensive than a standard Chaos Marine, so expect to invest a lot on these guys.

Plague Marines

I will never understand why their armour got fat as well...

These are every competitive players favourite. Toughness 4(5), Feel No Pain, Blight Grenades (count as defensive. No, I don’t know either), and the ability to take two special weapons in a five man squad is just too go an offer to pass over, despite the terrible models (they look like someone accidentally melted them with a blow torch). Like all Cult Troops they are also Fearless, so a 7+ squad is going in to be difficult to shift off an objective, especially if they are in a Rhino/Land Raider.

There really are no major downsides to these guys, other than an Initiative of 3, which isn’t a big deal, as the enemy isn’t really going to hurt them, unless he’s brought a unit of Howling Banshees (in which case you’re doomed, in more ways than one) or Plasmavets. They are a lot more expensive than your standard CSM, but you really only have to take five, so the point become moot.

Thousand Sons/Rubic Marines

One possessed suit of armour for you SirI think that these guys are really under-rated for what they can do for your army. Above a normal marine all they get is a 4+ Invulnerable save and AP3 on their boltguns. But that AP3 is money. A TEQs chance of killing any form of TEQ is 1/18, where as a Thousand Son has a 1/6 chance. It gets better though. Each squad also come with an Aspiring Sorcerer, who must be equipped with one psychic power. So, you can have Wind of Chaos everywhere, Gift of Chaos everywhere (this is my favourite, as you can have free Spawn popping up everywhere to cause chaos or lock shooty units up in assault), or Bolt of Change everywhere (this is a favourite of many, as it is a close to a meltagun as the Thousand Sons can get. Still can hurt a Land Raider though).

Although awesome, these guys are horrendously expensive. The sorcerer is going to be a minimum of 70pts on his own, before you start adding all the guys and a transport. So, although fantastic, these might not end up as the core you build your army upon.

Emperor’s Children/Noise Marines

How badass is pink!

Up to this point, every Cult Troop has had a very clear cut purpose. Be it the violent assault of the Bezerkers, the resilient shooting of the Plague Marines, or the MEQ killing awesome sauce (available at all good Woolworths) of the Thousand Sons. But the Noise Marines are without this. So, let’s see what we get for our 20pts: a Fearless, I5 Chaos Marine. Great… However, their are advantages in the form of their upgrades.

The Champion (who gains an extra attack) can buy a power Weapon, allowing for 4, I5 attacks that ignore armour on the charge. He can also take some brilliant ranged options. The Blastmaster can be fired as an Assault 2, Pinning Heavy Bolter with 12″ less range (fail) or a pinning, small blast krak missile (now we’re talking). At S8, AP3, it will instant kill most MEQs on contact, and will then force them to take a pinning test. Or, he can take a Doom Siren, which is an AP3 Heavy Flamer.

The standard Noise Marines can also se upgraded with Sonic Blasters, which are Assault 2/Heavy 3 Storm Bolters for 5 points. I reckon a small squad, in a Rhino, with a Champion with a Blastmaster, and a couple of guys with Sonic Blaster could work well. In fact, I might have to build that army…

In Conculsion

the Chaos Marine book is diverse and full of viable options that need a little work to get them to operate to their full potential. Using only Plague Marines is lazy, and I hope I have shown how other troops options work just as well.


They should be this epic.

The ‘facts’

-Battlesuit Commander: shifts ONE battlesuit unit to a Troops FOC slot.
-New Close Combat Battlesuit
-New Ethereal named character
-Ethereals will get upgraded to be the “leader” role in the Tau Empire army. (so not the best BS, or WS, but other interesting army-support tricks)
-New deepstriking Dropship (an Orca-ish platform on par with the IG valkyrie)
-Up-gunned Drone variants (specific anti-tank and anti-heavy infantry options) which can be attached to almost every TAU unit in the codex


The way this is shaping up, it should be a brilliant Codex for the blue Communists. The improvements to the Ethereals may well mean that the Space Pope stops sucking and starts selling, which I’m sure is what GW wants to happen.

Also, it’ll be good to see some more drones, as they give the army a character, something that it defiantly needs.

Tomorrow is Going to be Great

Right so, next year is 2012. wooo! Not a big year but who knows there could good cards/ booster packs. I can honestly say as I have been in yugioh for nearly 8 years
Bring on 2012.
As a user of the gravekeepers, and mostly dark types (not a deck of zombies YET) and a dragon/wing beast and another deck in the making.

I say let the people making yuigoh cards at this moment in time make more powerful cards, add more risk to the game that I know and love (but loves his girlfriend more) I welcome 2012 with open arms

2012-Looking Forwards

Rather than looking back over the past year (which I can entirely remember) I thought we’d look ahead forward into next year and beyond:

Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition:

After the brilliance of Fantasy 8th edition, 40k is going to have a truly great next year. By the look of it (judging by WHFB 8th), the book should be in colour, have a slightly revised or better explained background, and a more complex, but far better rule set.

Like the difference between 7th and 8th, 6th edition 40k should have some big changes. For a start, rumour has it that the FOC is either going to change, or be replaced by a percentage system. I would like this a lot. It would add more diversity to the game and allow armies that people haven’t thought of to happen. However, this may also lean towards more broken lists, for example, a lot more Thundercav, but I hope not.

Either way, a re-vamp of 40k would be very good for a game that these days is getting quite predictable.

Overall Thoughts: 10/10

Tau 5th Edition:

Very exited to hear this. I have always liked the look of the Tau (as weird as that may sound), but their Codex is a bit, lacklustre. The troops choices are substandard, as are the HQ choices (see, the Space Pope). From what I’ve heard, we’re talking Kroot HQs, more Vespid options, and the Demiurg leaving Battlefleet Gothic and entering the world of Warhammer 40,000 proper.

This is a codex I’d like to see Phill Kelly write, as I’ve always thought that the play style of the Tau is Eldaresque. The book needs a smooth flowing feel to it, and that’s what we’ve got Mr. Kelly for.

Overall Thoughts: 7.5/10

Chaos Legions:

This particular rumour made me punch the air and shout ‘yes!’ I have always wanted to play Chaos Marines of some form, but their current Codex is, again a bit lacklustre. The reports I’ve heard of this are that the book will be somewhat like Vanilla Marines 4th ed, in that you can take an upgrade your army to be one of the different traitor legions, and this will have different affects.

The only slight dissatisfaction I have is that this will not (according to the rumours) replace the current CSM codex, meaning that we will end up with two CSM book, Legions (which everyone will switch to) and Marines (which will by this point be redundant) which no-one will play.

One thing I have heard (that made me happy, but other upset) is that Mat Ward is reported to be writing the Codex. This is something I’m looking forwards to. Mr Ward is a crazy person, who writes crazy book. A warped, crazy Marine, who is oozing/glowing/berserkerising(?)/[censored by Inquisitorial mandate] is about as crazy as you can get. Therefore, Mr Ward is the perfect man is write this book.

Overall Thoughts:8/10

Black Templars 5th Edition:

This is apparently the next book. And considering that I hadn’t noticed the rumours, I feel like a bit of a plonker.

This is why I want to play these guys

Firstly, Phil Kelly is writing it! That is a brilliant thing, as, like the Space Wolves, the Templars need to be given a better flow, and not so much crazy things written into them. We’ve hearing about decent Sword Brethren, a special character Emperor’s Champion, Land Raiders that go berserk when destroyed, and, best of all, bikers become mounted Knights. This sounds like the greatest book ever written.

I think I’m gonna have to buy this one.

Overall Thoughts: 9.5/10

Empire 8th Edition:

This book slightly confused me. The Dwarves, Bretonians and Wood Elves surely need a new book more than the Empire. However, it seems that the new book should be a good one.

An Example of a Demigryph Knight from Warhammer Forge

We’ve hearing about a large War Altar/MASSIVE CANNON and Demigryph (such as Theodore Bruckner), as well as War Priests for more gods. This would add more variety into the book. However, I don’t think the Empire really needs it. There are books that are in much more dire need of an update.

Overall Thoughts: 6.5/10

Dark Millennium Online:

Warhammer online is a popular game, both with players of WHFB and ‘normal’ people. THQ and Games Workshop aren’t fools (are hard as that may be to believe) and so Dark Millennium is being released. All we know of it is that you can play as the Imperium and Chaos, and you might be able to drive/pilot a Titan as a co-operative effort (think, the larger fighters in Star Wars: Battlefront II).

Overall Thoughts: I’ve not really got enough to go on, but I’ll go with 10/10

Guild Wars 2:

Really we know all about Guild Wars 2. I’ve never played it, but the amount of information they’ve but out means I could explain it to you very well.

My only gripe is that they seem to have done the opposite of GW. GW tells you about their new products at the last moment to generate hype. ArenaNet has been releasing huge amounts of information for years, so the hype has kind of died down. Fail.

Overall Thoughts: 9/10 (10/10 if they decide to release the damn thing)

Final Thoughts:

2012 is going to be truly brilliant year for gaming (unless you play WHFB, in which case it may suck a little), and I’m looking forwards to it a lot. The only draw back may be the amount of cool new armies coming out may mean that I spend all of 2012 stating armies. Oh well, totally worth it!

Have a Great New Year!



Warhammer Forge-Fimir

Now with Great Weapons!


In 3rd edition, we thought we would never have to see these guys again, but with GW’s new thing of bringing back old models (Lammasu)/races (Chaos Dwarves) it was inevitable, and so, with Storm of Magic the Fimir returned. Or, at least, one guy did.

But Warhammer Forge is going the whole hog and re-releasing Fimir Warriors in their upcoming book: Monstrous Arcana, which is going to contain more Storm of Magic bound monsters. The Fimir themselves are coming out in the first quarter of next year, and the book should be coming out at the same time.

From a rules perspective, all I can say is what’s in the picture: they’re monstrous infantry that can/come with Great Weapons.


I like these models. I’ve seen the old Fimir (I still play HeroQuest) and Warhammer Forge have done great work making them look modern and more believable, and from a rules point, if Tamurkhan is anything to go by, these guys are going to be at least viable. I’d say they’ll be able to run with Warriors (yes!), Beastmen and Orcs.

However, the more grizzled of our readers will remember the old Fimir fluff (and everything that entailed). I really hope that they retcon the living daylights out of these guys. Everything about their fluff was great, except the *ahem* reproductive method. Please Warhammer Forge, please ‘fix’ this.


Models: 8/10

Rule: N/A

I may very well buy these, as long as they ‘fix’ the fluff.



The original HeroQuest (no, I don’t know why the ‘Q’ is capitalised either) was released in 1989 by MB, who were working with GW at the time. This is good, because the game is based in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, and I like Warhammer Fantasy. It was released in the US in 1990, and in 1992, HeroQuest won the Origins Award for “Best Graphic Presentation of a Boardgame of 1991”. So, it should be good!

Although it does indeed exist within the WHFB universe, it is the WHFB of 3rd ed/1989, and so can seem a little dated. For a start, the O&G worship (or at least work for) Chaos, Fimir are still in the game (although, Storm of Magic reintroduced them, and Warhammer Forge will be realising them as a playable unit next year), and, despite spending a lot of time underground, the Skaven do not appear at all during the game (although, I will be writing a campaign called Rise of the Skaven next year).


I originally thought that HeroQuest would be like a mini-D&D meets WHFB. I was wrong. HeroQuest is a game solely based around combat. There is no communication or any action outside of dungeons/castles/caves. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the rules are very easy to pick up, but the drawback is that gameplay can get rather repetitive.

Another problem is the rulebook itself. It is often unclear or hard to understand, and doesn’t mention mind points (a character attribute. If anyone does know what mind points do, please comment). It also gains to identify and difference between ‘traps’ and things that are trap-like or act like traps, and whether or not they affect monsters (we said not, as the monsters live there, why would they fall down a hole?).

Missions & Storyline

The repetitive gameplay is made up for by interesting missions. Some are purely escape, some involve bringing something back, or are bounty hunts, and in Kellar’s Keep, some involve moving all the way through the dungeon/cave to reach a door on the far side.

Playing as DM (who is known as Morcar, although there is a different name in the US version) is also surprisingly rewarding. You are fully aware of all the crazy things that can happen, and it is always oddly pleasant for a player to cut through a sea of Orcs unscathed, only to fall down a hole and hurt himself.

The storyline fits very nicely in with the missions and characters. Often, you are tasked by the Emperor or some other important Imperial person to do something to help the war effort against Chaos, and sometimes you simply go off looking for treasure, as you are not technically Imperial citizens. The story often still makes sense in the grand scheme of the Warhammer world, and missions could well be written to affect a larger game of WHFB.


I strongly recommend playing this game, despite the clear drawbacks and problems.



This is the latest stuff we’re getting on the Tau:

via Jared Van Kell

The Tau codex belongs to Cruddace, lets get that fact straight. That is all I am going to say on that issue.

Black Templars on the other hand was always going to be Phil Kelly’s pet project. The only way Ward or Cruddace would ever get the Black Templars codex off him would be to prise the rough drafts out from his cold…dead…hands.
Unless of course they offered him the Dwarf Army Book……………(whistles innocently).

Some of these rumours [WF- In regards to rumor sumary posted up on BOLS – most of which were taken from Warseer] are spot on others not so spot on. 4 generic HQs are the Tau Commander, Tau Ethereal, Kroot Master Shaper and Demiurg Ancient. Blisters are, as far as I am aware, a new Tau Ethereal, Demiurg Ancient and 2 special character blisters.

I’ve also heard that the Skyray will be getting a better choice of missiles in addition to the Seeker missile which is believed to be S6 AP4 Blast, however you have to choose the missile type at the beginning of the game so you cannot mix and match. Despite the payload ts main role will still be target marking.

The Demiurg Special character is apparently the one called Iceheart.

The Battletech Mech in question is the Warhammer IIC mech (no joke about the name.) one of the unseen mechs in the battletech universe. The suit itself is quite big, not quite dreadknight sized but it can “brace”…..yes Matt Ward does play Spacemarine. The trouble is that it will be competing against Broadsides, Skyrays and Hammerheads, all of which have improved, a lot.

Regarding the “HQ unlocks troops” rumour – Well from what I can understand from the mechanic is this. A particular troop type is associated with a particular HQ but in doing so confers a special ability on those troop types.

Tau Ethereal – Unlocks Tau Firewarrior teams.
Tau Fire Commander – Unlocks Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit teams.
Kroot Shaper – Unlocks Kroot Carnivore squads.
Demiurg Ancient – Unlocks Demiurg Warrior squads.

I can understand the thought process behind the mechanic from what I know of the basic fluff regarding the Tau.

However I would have thought that Firewarriors would have always remained as basic troops and an Ethereal would have unlocked Honour Guard but it seems from the snippets of info I’ve been able to peice together that an Ethereal confers Preferred Enemy (Everything) and BS4 on those Firewarrior squads he leads making Honour Guard redundant.

All that I can say is known about the Demiurg is that they are the Tau’s main anti-MEQ unit. How effective they are I cannot say.

Actually you might be surprised. My sources and the several other rumour mongers have started indicating that Templars might actually be next followed by Tau, this is normally a sign for me that what I am hearing is correct but with recent developments such things are by no means certain.

I have however recently discovered that the Tau are in the proofreading stage of development which means that the codex is written but it has not yet quite gone to the printers. Now this means that all GW have to do is give the nod and the codex can be printed in numbers pretty quickly. All they then have to do is ramp up the advertisement, distribution and product support and we have them ready to go for our very much enjoyment.

Dealing with ‘That Guy’-Know Thy Enemy

We all know That Guy. He’s well enough known that his name counts as a proper noun. But how do you, a) identify him and b) deal with him. This will become a regular thing, and should help all you people with dealing with him.

Know Thy Enemy

For a start, how do you know that someone is ‘That Guy’? The stereotype is a fat, spotty bloke with many unpainted Space Marines that he plays as all the MEQ codexes. And Grey Knights. But it’s not that simple. Lots of people have unpainted Space Marines that count as different codexes, it makes sense. Why wouldn’t you if you could? It adds more variety to your hobby.

So, what is he then? I’ve built up a little list:

1) They reckon their army is best and every other army is terrible (exemptions are noobs who don’t know anything about the other armies, and people that play exceptionally well).

2) They don’t listen to advice from others (again, ignore in the case of really good players).

3) They suffer from a terrible arrogance

4) They blame everything exempt their own tactical skill in the case of a loss.

Now, all these things are annoying, and people may suffer from one of then or all of them and be fine, but there are the things our That Guy does.

Check back soon for Dealing with Thy Enemy.

Hello world-Eldar Rumours

Right, ok, so now Small, Far Away is blogging. Ain’t that just swell!

Just to set out the idea of the blog, I plan to use it to talk about gaming (predominantly tabletop/RPG/TGC) and general geekness (is that a word? Is now).

I think I’ll kick this off with some Craftworld Eldar rumours:

via ghost21:

-plastic vampyre, ~note the spelling
-dragon riders,
-possibly exodite character
-and 2 additional aspect warrior types

We’re hearing Autumn/Fall next year. 2012 is gonna’ rock for 40k!