Sci-fi is rubbish?

To be fair, his last girlfriend did run away with Q...

I have watched/read quite a lot of science-fiction offer the corse of my life. Whilst it may be a stereotype, a lot of my reader will be gamers, and so will have done the same. And you may have noticed this too, but a lot of sic-fi is really, really bad.

Why? Well, that can be covered by a few things-

Inconsistencies-Ahh, the ol’ continuity error. Now the problem here isn’t the little things-those can even be quite fun to hunt for, and satisfying to notice-it’s the whacking great things. For example, Andromeda, and specifically season 3. One episode she has a highly trained crew, the next, it’s just the main characters. Whilst this is the one I have noticed, there are probably more.

Cilches- Where would we be with out the ubiquitous exploding consoles in every command deck/bridge of a starship (maybe that’s what happens in 2012, we lose knowledge of fuses). Or aliens that don’t like us for improbable reasons? Or convenient Deus Ex Machina? We’d probably have more interesting shows for a start…

Physics- A) Whilst it is true that sci-fi writers almost certainly don’t have degrees in physics, you’d think that they’d be able to ring one up, wouldn’t you? B) Every show takes one bit of physics and rolls with it. For example, Warhammer 40,000 makes it very clear that it takes years for a communication to cross the galaxy, Andromeda establishes that it takes light a while to get anywhere, and Star Trek seems to have a love for the work of Mr. Einstein. It’d be nice if more things applied.

Technobabble- In his song, The USS Make S*** Up, Voltaire makes it very clear that we know that they make things up, the writers and actors both. The problem with this is that quite a few of us know about science, and just sticking science words together does’t really work very well (photon torpedo? That doesn’t even make sense).

Indestructible Main Characters-This one was mainly committed by DS9 and that most reliably flawed show, Andromeda. For example, Capt. Sisko climbs aboard his little runabout and flies straight past the enemy, taking no damage. Lt. Bloggs tries the same and is blown to little tiny pieces.

‘Then why do you still watch it?’

By this point, you may have gleaned that I am a little annoyed by this televisual weirdness. But, as you may have also guessed, I still watch this stuff. I watched EVERY EPISODE of Andromeda, despite the fact that it was guilty of many of these things (which is why it is a common victim of my complains, sorry Mr. Roddenberry). But, as I say, I watched all of it. So, why? Well, for a start, no other genre has such a loyal fanbase-it makes me feel more like I am a part of something. Secondly, spaceships are cool. Not as deep a reason as the first comment, but still a valid one. The big, scary enemies. Although I know that eventually the goodies will fly heroically into victory, there is still that nagging doubt that they are all going to die horribly. And finally, the shows actually try to say something about the Human Condition, and what people can do at the very best (and worst) of that condition. There is a depth to these thing.

I tried to say something deep here. If I failed, so be it-it’s just nice to know that someone will read this, and hopefully, they will understand what I am trying to say- Small, Far Away out.


Five hours later ….

General shyguy here going to talk to you guy’s and Girl’s about the new types of monsters that are kind of messing up the game on top of the list is STEEL SWORN these guys are the worst since they use your own monster’s to gain life points or just destroy’s your monsters to make you defenceless all together. For example I was in a duel against a person using this deck and It really annoyed to see my defence go down the drain like some weak kuriboh getting destroyed by a blue eyes white with 1000 attack (which I’d love to see as long I can destroy it  with a Celtic guardian ). Back on to topic: other decks include Wind-up’s: these guys aren’t that bad but the only draw back is that it runs on XYZ monster’s but the thing is that there monsters that are normal summoned have less then 2000 attack however they help summon an XYZ monster quicker but their weakness is  their effect only works once unless you use a book of moon to place it  in face down position then when it gets flipped again the effect works again so you repeat the process. The other monster types I really like WORM’s since every one of the monster’s from this type have an alphabetical order to it so one monster from this arch type have the letter from the alphabet for example worm king, worm queen, worm zero ect.

It’s nice to see that Jinzo (my Favourite machine monster besides machine king) ) has his own arch type which helps get Jinzo back to the field but I think that this arch type would be better as an engine in an machine deck since you can put a machine king (my other Favourite machine monster) can help you maintain the field since he get’s 100 for every machine on the field however if you put ultimate machine king in there he get’s 500 attack but at the same time he needs two tributes but it’s worth it at the same time. You could put cyber’s monsters together since they are used to fusion summon. 

Well this is fun well I should get back on to the subject okay one more thing to say before I go right …… here we go …. BY THE LEFT QUICK MARCH. Since I began playing Yu-gi-oh it was more simple you play a card and kill another monster and maybe throw a fusion in the mix but now its I have two lv 4’s on the field now i can play my lv4 XYZ monster -_-.



4up Save

Well now that I got my cool looking picture for blogs that I do …… With that out the way let’s get this thing rolling shall we?

Right as a wise character once said “Mario ! you, sir, will pay! you beat my infantry, but’s all that you do ! prepare for the next wave ! ” yes people I’M going to talk about something I forgot …  erm well this is strange I a sure you that I did intend to talk about something today hmm …. Oh yes i remember NOW I was going to talk about the new RA yellow booster pack that is in stores NOW. Yes I know nearly everybody probably has bought  pack and saying to my blog ” man this guy is slow he just realised ?” And to that I look out my window and laugh I knew they were going to make a RA…

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well as one wise man once said ……

Well now that I got my cool looking picture for blogs that I do …… With that out the way let’s get this thing rolling shall we?

Right as a wise character once said “Mario ! you, sir, will pay! you beat my infantry, but’s all that you do ! prepare for the next wave ! ” yes people I’M going to talk about something I forgot …  erm well this is strange I a sure you that I did intend to talk about something today hmm …. Oh yes i remember NOW I was going to talk about the new RA yellow booster pack that is in stores NOW. Yes I know nearly everybody probably has bought  pack and saying to my blog ” man this guy is slow he just realised ?” And to that I look out my window and laugh I knew they were going to make a RA yellow booster pack. I’m going to talk about the card sets within the mega pack.

Right we all know that it began in the legendary collection 2 where the packs had 9 cards in each pack giving us the chance to walk a way with some very rare cards. And on the three E-HERO alternative arts are now common’s in that new boost pack I was kind of shocked when I looked at the list and found the six samurai’s are holo’s in the pack (I talking about the basic ones not the newer ones as in the legendary six) but at the same time it’s support cards like the grandmaster of the six is a common as well as one of the shien’s which is really good news since I’m building a six samurai deck but I’ll talk about that another time when It’s built.

What I like about this new pack is that it’s put in more monster’s for the other arch types like the gladiator beast and the six samurai’s as well as other cards for other types and a really nice KURIBOH LV 9 which I really want it looks so cool but if there is something I learnt in yu-gi-oh the hard way is never judge a card by its look.

well That’s It from me guy’s


Oh before I forget if there is anything you want me to cover Yu-gi-oh related then don’t be sacred to leave a comment about the topic you want me to cover and I’ll write about it.


The Space Wolves are coming!

Note the Thunderwolves in the front, and the Wingy things in the back.

Ok, so there may also be some Tyranids as well, but really it’s the pace Wolves I’m interested in!

Pictures can be found here:


Firstly, very well done GW, very well done indeed. The Thunderwolves are different from the third party stuff we’ve seen, but still manage to look awesome. The Tyranids also look pointy and appropriately gribbily, as well as appearing to bit quite bit.

I knew there was a reason we waited so long…

The Kuriboh Deck-OTK Style

I may have a slight obsession with this card...

I have been slaving away over a phone based deck builder for literally months trying to get this to work, and I think I’ve cracked it:


1x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Darkness Neosphere
1x Honest
3x Kuriboh
1x Marshmallon
2x Mystic Tomato
2x Shining Angel
3x Winged Kuriboh


1x Court of Justice
1x Dark Eruption
1x Detonate
1x Heavy Storm
2x Monster Reincarnation
1x Multiply
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Reload
1x Swords of Revealing Light
3x The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh
2x Transcendent Wings


1x Dust Tornado
1x Limit Reverse
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Mirror Force
2x Nightmare Archfiends
1x Skill Drain
2x Trap Hole

And it works something like this:


Winged Kuriboh Lv.10 and Nightmare Archfiends for a powerful OTK.

Any Fairy type monster with Honest, to destroy an attacking enemy monster.

United We Stand, any monster and Multiply, giving a Kuriboh a maximum of 3500ATK.

Other Handy Tricks-

Pot of Avarice, Dark Eruption and Monster Reincarnation will help bring Kuriboh back into the hand so they can be used over and over.

Darkness Neosphere can be summoned by sacrificing two Kuriboh, and then can be buffed (HUGELY) by use of United We Stand.

Mystic Tomato and Shining Angel can be used to search for Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh respectively.

Overall Thoughts:

I have no idea as to whether or not this will be a tournament wining deck. Heck, I’m only barely sure it will even function at all, but it looks like a fun idea and  really interesting deck to play, with lots of sneaky tricks and counters to keep my opponent thinking.

It is possible that cards like Astral Barrier could be added, because when combined with the effect of Kuriboh, I can make a card completely useless for a turn (even nastier if I’ve also got Skill Drain out, then you ain’t doing nothing with that card). I’ve also pondered the use of Magical Thorn, but that is more owing to our local metagame (grrr…) than anything else. Or, I could add Token Stampede to make the OTK really, REALLY nasty.

Either way, I’m really looking forwards to playing this deck!

RUMOURS-Necrons and Tyranids next month

Nom, nom, nom!

Mid-month Tyranids:
4 Plastic Kits
4 Finecast

Late-month Necrons:
4 Vehicles Kits (1 walker, 2 aircraft)
Tomb Spyders
Thank goodness that the Tyranids are finally getting the new models that they needed. How long has it been that you’ve been without Mycetic Spores? Too long? I think so too.
This also leads my to believe that if Tyranids are finally getting their missing models, maybe GW will be kind enough to do the same for the Space Wolves (maybe why Ragnar wasn’t Finecasted? Just a thought…) some time soon.

Chaos Space Marines-Fast Attack

This is the shortest section in the book, with but three unit choices. Which is why I decided to write this post late on a Tuesday.

Lets crack on.


Ignore the Finecast logo Haters

Just as the Chaos Marine is an evil Tactical Marine, so is the Raptor an evil Assault Marine. They have the same stats as an Assault Marine, but like the Chaos Marine, sacrifice And They Shall Know No Fear for an extra point of leadership. Like Assault Marines, they are more than slightly lacklustre in assault. So, where do they fit in.

Like with many units in this Codex, they can take more than one special weapon in a five man squad. And, like with Assault Marines, they have Jump Packs, and so can Deep Strike. Put these two glorious facts together, and you’ve got yourself a cheap, dangerous Deep Striking anti-tank (meltaguns)/anti-MEQ (plasma guns)/anti-GEQ (Guardsman Equivalent, and Flamers) unit. As I have said before, remember to double up all the special weapons you take, just to make sure, as these guys will probably not last long, and you want to make sure they do their job.

I am also familiar with the idea of a unit (probably 10) of these guys bounding up the field with a Lord to provide a scary assault unit. As a Space Wolf player, I’m afraid I just don’t find it that scary, but anyone playing Guard, Tau or Eldar may very well have a problem with it.

Bike Squads

I like the purple. I like it a lot.

Ah. This might be a bit less positive. Bike squad can work very well, don’t get me wrong, it’s just quite expensive to get them to work. For a start, you might as well give them the Mark of Nurgle so they get T6. I don’t think these guys are going anywhere anymore. Secondly, you’ll want to pick something you need these guys to kill, give them doubles of the appropriate weapon (meltagun/plasmagun/flamer), and send them out there. Then you’ll need enough ablative wounds to keep them going (a 5-6 man squad should do the trick). And finally, you’ll need to try to keep the thought that a couple of Land Speeders with Multi-meltas can do it for a lot cheeper (I’ve always wondered why Chaos never got the Land Speeder. It’s not as if the technology wasn’t around during the Heresy, they had jetbikes, or that Chaos never steals anything).

I can see them as being a distraction. A smaller squad with the Mark of Nurgle and a single special weapon could panic/distract/annoy the enemy whilst your precious Cult Troops advance up the field, but again, still a bit to expensive for my tastes.



This is a bit of an oddball, in that it has Slow and Purposeful, which kinda’ contradicts it place in the Fast Attack section. As a Fast Attack choice he’s not worth the points you’re paying. He’s way overcosted for a slow unit, with a mediocre strength and D6 attacks. It’s just not worth it.

However, you can get them for free (or your opponent has to pay for them, it’s really a matter of opinion) by using the Gift of Chaos power (which will be covered in more detail when we get to Sorcerers). Think of this, every 1/2 times you try, a Spawn pops up in the middle of an unsuspecting Guard squad. He give up gut 40 VP when killed, and can shut down a units shooting for a good while (he is T5 and W3). In that respect, I like the gribbly old beast (and it is a Beast).

Chaos Marines-Heavy Support

Carrying on (unwittingly) the series that I started with Chaos Marines-Troops, today I’m going to be looking at Chaos Space Marine Heavy Support choices. CSM have a lot of unique choices in their Heavy sold which can make for a very powerful army, but they are all overlooked in exchange for Obliterators (which are good, to be honest). Right, let’s crack on with this then.

The Defiler

Scary, huh?

This crabby robot is probably my favourite of the Heavy choices. Weighing in at only 150pts base, it’s a good deal for what you get. 4 strength 10 power weapon attacks, Fleet, a Battle Cannon and Daemonic Possession come as standard, with options to upgrade the arms to various other heavy weapons.

Being a walker, it can move up to 6″ and still fire it’s Battle Cannon, and Daemonic Possession is going to prevent your opponent from locking it down. So, it can walk toward whatever it wants to assault popping off Battle Cannon shells, and with a 72″ range, he’s hitting anything on the table. I wouldn’t bother replacing his two Dreadnought combat weapons with guns, because then he can only fire his cannon OR the other gun, and he loses an attack in combat.

This is a money choice.

Chaos Space Marine Land Raider

It's almost sad, isn't it?

Whilst I’ve been mainly positive up until now (I’m counting my last Chaos Marine article in this), this is the big let down of the Heavy Support options. Whilst it is 30pts cheeper than the Imperial version, it lacks Power of the Machine Spirit (which is what makes Land Raiders viable in my opinion) and can only carry 10 guys (5 in Terminator Armour).

What makes it viable(ish) is that it can be taken as a Dedicated Transport for a Terminator squad. How is this good? Well it means you can take four. And fill all of them with Bezerkers whilst the Terminators Deep Strike in. 40 ‘zerkers in AV14 Tanks with the Assault Vehicle rule? I wouldn’t want to fight it.

Cool model as well.

Chaos Space Marine Predator

From a distance, the searchlight looks like a brain...

An interesting one this. It isn’t much more expensive than Imperial Predators and comes with all the same basic weapons. Being Chaos though, it can be upgraded with Combi-weapons (for drive by shooting) and Daemonic Possession. Give it a trio of Lascannons and go nuts. Your opponent can’t shut it down and so will have to go out of his way to destroy it. Which means that something a bit stealthyer can sneak about to wherever you need it.

However, it does suffer from the same disadvantages as Imperial Predators. It can’t split fire (the Black Templars can give their Predators Power of the Machine Spirit. Lucky sods) and must remain stationary to fire all of it’s weapons. It’s also a lot more expensive than Long Fangs (in almost any combination) and a lucky meltagun could kill it in one.

Chaos Space Marine Vindicator

Another truly cracking model

This is another win. It is just a normal Vindicator, just like the CSM Predator, but like the Predator, it can be ungraded with Combi-weapons and Daemonic Possession. Give it the latter and your awesome tank just became stun lock proof. If I’m honest, there is nothing else I need to say about this. It sort of talks for itself.

The only problem is (so you are about to see) it competes with the Obliterators for Force Org slots. But I advise taking at least one of these bad-boys every day of the week.



You are probably aquatinted with the phrase ‘so fail it’s win’. Well the Obliterator is ‘so win it’s fail’. Why? Because everyone just default takes these guys. I can see why. They’re not too expensive, and and basically Terminators with W2 and every special weapon. And I mean every. Multi-meltas, Plasma Cannons, Power Fists, Lascannons, the works. And they can Deep Strike. These guys are the best suicide unit in the game. Drop ’em in backfield and let them go nuts.

Drawbacks? They are kind of expensive, but for what they provide for the army it’s totally worth it. Also, no-one is unaware of how dangerous these guys are, and so will become the number one bullet magnet. Which could make life a lot easier for your Cult Troops. And if they deal with the Cult Troops, there’s a load of angry Obliterators behind them. It’s a lose-lose situation for your opponent.


OK, this one is a bit badass

Sadly, also a bit of a fail. These guys are just expensive, metal (yep, they be old) Devastators. However, on the plus side, they can take Flamers, Plasma Guns and Meltaguns as well. We’re talking drive-by Rhino goodness here. This is the one place it may be worthwhile to put Possession on your Rhino, where you can just drive about double meltaing (new word) anything that needs a good meltagun to the face.

These guys aren’t a favourite of mine though, the way I figure it, there are some much better choices elsewhere in the Codex that can do their job (infiltrating Chosen with any damn special weapon you please), or other things contending for their Heavy Support slot (Defilers, Vindicators, Obliterators). If you do want to take them, double up every special weapon you give them, just to be sure.

RUMOURS-6th edition Tactical Marine

If THQ can make these guys AWESOME, why can't GW?

Despite the fact that we have heard very little (read as ‘nothing’) about a 6th edition Marine Codex, we’ve got something on what a 6th ed Tactical Marine is going in to be packing:

-Kraken Bolts
-New Special Weapon that ignores cover


Firstly, it looks as if they are giving Tac Marines a more anti-infantry role rather than the jack-of-all-trades master of none that we’ve had before. This may at least validate their usage more than their being better than Scouts.

Secondly, isn’t a Flamer/Heavy Flamer a special weapon a ‘Special Weapon that ignores cover’? I can only hope that GW has got a new trick up their sleeve.

Finally, we’ve heard little of a 6th edition Marine book, so take these rumours with more than just a pinch of salt, but personally I hope they get some more unique gear.