Star Trek XI-In Retrospect

Cool huh?

In 2009, I went to see Star Trek XI in my local cinema, as, I imagine, did a lot of you. So you may well be asking yourselves why I have chosen to write this article now, and not then. Well, firstly, I didn’t have a blog in 2009, nor did I have any idea that people would actually read such a thing. Secondly, now I have spent two years thinking about it and rolling it over in my head, so I might actually have something looking like a good idea now.


The most obvious thing about this new movie is that Star Trek has returned. After four years of hiatus since the end of Enterprise, Trek has returned. The movie was a hit, and so many people ‘got into’ the Original Series, and by extension, into the rest of Trekdom.

Secondly, it gave them a chance to bring things more in line with both Enterprise and the real world. For example, in Enterprise, things were sleek and modern, it looked like what it was meant to be; the logical extension from the Space Shuttles and the ISS. Yet, when you move onto the Original Series, things have become angular and awkward. Our new USS Enterprise looks like the descendent of the NX-01.

As some of you will no doubt have noticed, there is a bit of time travel in Star Trek. However, as it takes place when Kirk is older or dead, it clearly happens after Kirk becomes commander of the Enterprise. This gives the powers that be the ability to bring Trek canon more in line with the real world. Of course, that may not necessarily be a good thing, for example, without the devastating wars, would Cochrane ever have made his famous warp flight? I doubt we will ever know, but it makes for a conversation topic.


The biggest thing that bugged me was that it was never explained (to me at least) that this was an alternate reality. So I spent half the film worrying that my precious Star Trek canon had been completely wiped out. I thought that they really were re-booting the franchise, to the expense of everything else. Once this was explained to me I was fine with it, but that terrible feeling of loss really was unpleasant.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will be fully aware that the Avengers film came out recently. As it too is a sci-fi block buster, people have literally flocked to watch it. this isn’t a problem, geekdom becoming more mainstream means more demand for a new Trek TV series (pretty please Tv people). The problem is that people watch these types of film and then decide that they are experts on the subject. Seriously. I know a guy who watched the movie once and decided that he was a Trekkie. His lack of knowledge was hugely annoying, as was the fact that he didn’t know what a Klingon was.

Onto my final rant. The Klingons are the most famous race in Star Trek. In some cases, they are even better known than Starfleet. So why on Qo’noS did they cut the only brief bit of Klingon action in the film? Even if they had only appeared for a few minutes, at least we would know that they are there too, and we can all relax and enjoy the movie.

In conclusion, I can only hope that the upcoming Star Trek XII carries on this new universe but actually boldly going someplace new, so that we can really get a feel for it. And I hope for Klingons.