GW vs. Apple

The most original design ever…

As you should all be aware, Apple recently introduced the iPhone 5 to the world, thus fending fanboys crazy. My self, I was rather unimpressed really. It still looks like the iPhone 4, and the display is almost identical to ye olde iPhone 1. But it still retails at £530 (ish). This got me thinking about the comparisons people draw between GW’s and Apple’s business strategies and I realised something: GW does it better.

GW doing better than anyone business-wise is a pretty revolutionary idea, let alone them doing it better than Apple. Firstly, they sorta’ do the same thing:

-they both try to keep new products secret, which neither does particularly well at any more

-they both sell their products for horrific prices, and people still buy them, despite their being cheeper alternatives

-they both assume themselves to be the masters of their sector (which to some degree is true)

-they both revolutionise their products with every new release

Up until now, that weird status quo carried on, quite possibly with neither company realising it. But the new iPhone does not revolutionise anything. So far, all the reviews say that people will still buy it, but that its rivals are looking much more appealing. This is most likely because Steve Jobs (who was quite adept at coming up will brilliant ideas) died, and was replaced by his number two, who was the businessman. Therefore, the businessman produces things that sell, rather than things that revolutionise.

GW still makes huge strides forwards. Whenever a new Codex/Army Book is released, it completely changes the layout of the game. Players have to respond to new things and think in a different way. By doing this, GW can keep people hooked in he game, as it is constantly chaining and remaining interesting.

What does this mean? Firstly, GW still has a lot of life in it, and secondly, Apple may start to stop being Apple. For once, I suggest they have a look at GW, and see what they can learn.


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