Kuriboh Deck Building pt 2

See, I told you they were everywhere!

Right, let’s get straight into it.

Multiply and Detonate

Multiply simply allows you to swarm the field with as many Kuriboh tokens as you possibly can. These tokens are pretty sucky, but they can be used for a synchro summon (although, I have never managed to use them as such) or in combination with Detonate to clear your opponent’s field for a nice direct attack, with something like Athena or Darklord Desire, which you should have set up earlier.

Darklord Desire

Along with Athena, Darklord Desire forms the straight up beatstick part of the deck. Desire can easily go head-to-head with the ever annoying Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so you are pretty safe from most monsters your opponent will try to throw at you. Additionally, if you tribute simon him with a fairy type monster, you only need to provide one tribute. I find that I often use Marshmallon  after my opponent has attacked it, as then you can have them lose an additional 1000 life points into the bargain.


In my experience, Athena is pretty much a staple in every fairy deck. Whilst there are always some fiends within a Kuriboh deck, the vast majority of the cards are fairies, and so benefit from the effects of Athena; the most useful of these being her ability to inflict 600 direct damage to your opponent for every fairy summoned, even if they play it. This little trick has proven to be very nasty against Agent decks.

Her second effect is that you can tribute a fairy to special summon one from your grave. If you do a little Marshmallon switch with two of them, you can do 600 damage every turn without even attacking.


I originally wasn’t going to write about Marshmallon, but I have brought him up so many times, it seems like the right thing to do.

Firstly, run two if you can. These guys are really, really annoying and provide a valuable stall whilst your opponent builds up their attacking power, and you (hopefully) draw the cards needed to summon Winged Kuriboh Lv. 10. Along with the tricks listed above, Marshmallon can become a truly invaluable member of your deck.

Against most monsters he will do fine, sitting there, wobbling around as their attacks bounce off him, but occasionally he will be hit by the rare monster that can do piercing damage. This is a problem, but can be rectified through the use of the Sanctuary in the Sky field card, which also helps protect you from damage with your other fairy monsters.

Chaos Sorcerer

Chaos Sorcerer is a very annoying card for your opponent. If played correctly, he can really ruin your opponent’s plan, and is at no risk of being hit by Mirror Force. As with all Chaos monsters, you can special summon him by banishing one DARK and one LIGHT monster in your grave. I almost always put him in defence position, as you’re rarely summoning him to battle.

So, why summon him? Simple. Once per turn, he can pick a face up monster on your opponent’s side of the field and banish it. Even if you only get to do this once, it is a hugely useful thing to be able to do.

Once he’s banished your opponent’s trump card, feel free to tribute him to summon a more fighty monster, and punch something up, or, if you’ve also played the ol’ Multiply/Detonate trick, hit their life points directly.

I’m going to leave it there for today, because I just can’t be bothered to write anymore. Lazy, maybe, but who’s to stop me?


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