well as one wise man once said ……

Well now that I got my cool looking picture for blogs that I do …… With that out the way let’s get this thing rolling shall we?

Right as a wise character once said “Mario ! you, sir, will pay! you beat my infantry, but’s all that you do ! prepare for the next wave ! ” yes people I’M going to talk about something I forgot …  erm well this is strange I a sure you that I did intend to talk about something today hmm …. Oh yes i remember NOW I was going to talk about the new RA yellow booster pack that is in stores NOW. Yes I know nearly everybody probably has bought  pack and saying to my blog ” man this guy is slow he just realised ?” And to that I look out my window and laugh I knew they were going to make a RA yellow booster pack. I’m going to talk about the card sets within the mega pack.

Right we all know that it began in the legendary collection 2 where the packs had 9 cards in each pack giving us the chance to walk a way with some very rare cards. And on the three E-HERO alternative arts are now common’s in that new boost pack I was kind of shocked when I looked at the list and found the six samurai’s are holo’s in the pack (I talking about the basic ones not the newer ones as in the legendary six) but at the same time it’s support cards like the grandmaster of the six is a common as well as one of the shien’s which is really good news since I’m building a six samurai deck but I’ll talk about that another time when It’s built.

What I like about this new pack is that it’s put in more monster’s for the other arch types like the gladiator beast and the six samurai’s as well as other cards for other types and a really nice KURIBOH LV 9 which I really want it looks so cool but if there is something I learnt in yu-gi-oh the hard way is never judge a card by its look.

well That’s It from me guy’s


Oh before I forget if there is anything you want me to cover Yu-gi-oh related then don’t be sacred to leave a comment about the topic you want me to cover and I’ll write about it.



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