Five hours later ….

General shyguy here going to talk to you guy’s and Girl’s about the new types of monsters that are kind of messing up the game on top of the list is STEEL SWORN these guys are the worst since they use your own monster’s to gain life points or just destroy’s your monsters to make you defenceless all together. For example I was in a duel against a person using this deck and It really annoyed to see my defence go down the drain like some weak kuriboh getting destroyed by a blue eyes white with 1000 attack (which I’d love to see as long I can destroy it  with a Celtic guardian ). Back on to topic: other decks include Wind-up’s: these guys aren’t that bad but the only draw back is that it runs on XYZ monster’s but the thing is that there monsters that are normal summoned have less then 2000 attack however they help summon an XYZ monster quicker but their weakness is  their effect only works once unless you use a book of moon to place it  in face down position then when it gets flipped again the effect works again so you repeat the process. The other monster types I really like WORM’s since every one of the monster’s from this type have an alphabetical order to it so one monster from this arch type have the letter from the alphabet for example worm king, worm queen, worm zero ect.

It’s nice to see that Jinzo (my Favourite machine monster besides machine king) ) has his own arch type which helps get Jinzo back to the field but I think that this arch type would be better as an engine in an machine deck since you can put a machine king (my other Favourite machine monster) can help you maintain the field since he get’s 100 for every machine on the field however if you put ultimate machine king in there he get’s 500 attack but at the same time he needs two tributes but it’s worth it at the same time. You could put cyber’s monsters together since they are used to fusion summon. 

Well this is fun well I should get back on to the subject okay one more thing to say before I go right …… here we go …. BY THE LEFT QUICK MARCH. Since I began playing Yu-gi-oh it was more simple you play a card and kill another monster and maybe throw a fusion in the mix but now its I have two lv 4’s on the field now i can play my lv4 XYZ monster -_-.




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