Fairies? weak or powerful allies in the skies?

This has to bee my third blog in one day but this one is going to focused on the one type of monster. So as some of you gathered this is going to be about fairies since I have a friend called Laurenn that uses them every time as well as other decks but I’ll focus on the type of monster (I think she might kill me if I put most of her decks in one of my blogs. Right fairies monsters once uses to be mainly light monsters now there is dark fairies- Dark lords, water and wind – cloudian’s, and much more.

Tactic’s fairies uses in battle would be swarming, double drawing using monsters effect but the field card that would be most handy in a fairy deck would be ‘the sanctuary in the sky’ would be used for agent’s and the arch-lord. The thing I like about The sanctuary in the sky would be that if a fairy monster was destroyed by battle the controller of the card does not lose any battle damage ( since most monster now days have the effect to switch monster in to a different battle position). Card’s like master Hyperion uses the graveyard to get rid of any cards that could pose a threat to any fairies monsters, a really ace card to have in this type of tactic to lock down another deck would be Athena since  she can special summon a fairy from the graveyard but the draw back is that it can’t bring back no other Athena, but as I said this helps swarm the field with you monsters and on top of that when a fairy monster is summoned your opponent loses summoned.

Also if you think about it as I  said before never judge a card but there look since most fairy monsters like marshmallon looks cute but if it was attack while face down that little cute monster that you thought was weak took 1000 life points off you and on top of that he can’t be destroyed by battle which makes it really good for defence if you really need to make a comeback I remember in a duel I attacked two face down monster and it turned out to be two marshmallon’s face down I was not happy with the out come since there was two monsters that could not be destroyed by battle and the fact I lost 2000 life points .

But it’s good to see a new fairy deck well it’s an old one (lost sanctuary)now but at least there are two structure decks which focuses on two different monsters in the newer one they had the agents in it was well as other cards to help then kick some butt on the battle field.

cards used to look though about be shining angel mainly which is always handy to have one since you could get a better card or maybe you might have a card to bring that angel from the grave yard. The thing I could all ways remember is that the monsters look like every fairy picture sweet and majestic as they do (expect the dark fairies since they look like they are going to bite your head off)

That’s pretty much it so yeah laurenn if your reading this I hope you approve of this brief summery of your Favourite deck since you added stronger monsters in your extra deck well I look forward to dualing you in person.

Happy duelling people



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