RUMOURS-6th edition Tactical Marine

If THQ can make these guys AWESOME, why can't GW?

Despite the fact that we have heard very little (read as ‘nothing’) about a 6th edition Marine Codex, we’ve got something on what a 6th ed Tactical Marine is going in to be packing:

-Kraken Bolts
-New Special Weapon that ignores cover


Firstly, it looks as if they are giving Tac Marines a more anti-infantry role rather than the jack-of-all-trades master of none that we’ve had before. This may at least validate their usage more than their being better than Scouts.

Secondly, isn’t a Flamer/Heavy Flamer a special weapon a ‘Special Weapon that ignores cover’? I can only hope that GW has got a new trick up their sleeve.

Finally, we’ve heard little of a 6th edition Marine book, so take these rumours with more than just a pinch of salt, but personally I hope they get some more unique gear.



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