Chaos Marines-Heavy Support

Carrying on (unwittingly) the series that I started with Chaos Marines-Troops, today I’m going to be looking at Chaos Space Marine Heavy Support choices. CSM have a lot of unique choices in their Heavy sold which can make for a very powerful army, but they are all overlooked in exchange for Obliterators (which are good, to be honest). Right, let’s crack on with this then.

The Defiler

Scary, huh?

This crabby robot is probably my favourite of the Heavy choices. Weighing in at only 150pts base, it’s a good deal for what you get. 4 strength 10 power weapon attacks, Fleet, a Battle Cannon and Daemonic Possession come as standard, with options to upgrade the arms to various other heavy weapons.

Being a walker, it can move up to 6″ and still fire it’s Battle Cannon, and Daemonic Possession is going to prevent your opponent from locking it down. So, it can walk toward whatever it wants to assault popping off Battle Cannon shells, and with a 72″ range, he’s hitting anything on the table. I wouldn’t bother replacing his two Dreadnought combat weapons with guns, because then he can only fire his cannon OR the other gun, and he loses an attack in combat.

This is a money choice.

Chaos Space Marine Land Raider

It's almost sad, isn't it?

Whilst I’ve been mainly positive up until now (I’m counting my last Chaos Marine article in this), this is the big let down of the Heavy Support options. Whilst it is 30pts cheeper than the Imperial version, it lacks Power of the Machine Spirit (which is what makes Land Raiders viable in my opinion) and can only carry 10 guys (5 in Terminator Armour).

What makes it viable(ish) is that it can be taken as a Dedicated Transport for a Terminator squad. How is this good? Well it means you can take four. And fill all of them with Bezerkers whilst the Terminators Deep Strike in. 40 ‘zerkers in AV14 Tanks with the Assault Vehicle rule? I wouldn’t want to fight it.

Cool model as well.

Chaos Space Marine Predator

From a distance, the searchlight looks like a brain...

An interesting one this. It isn’t much more expensive than Imperial Predators and comes with all the same basic weapons. Being Chaos though, it can be upgraded with Combi-weapons (for drive by shooting) and Daemonic Possession. Give it a trio of Lascannons and go nuts. Your opponent can’t shut it down and so will have to go out of his way to destroy it. Which means that something a bit stealthyer can sneak about to wherever you need it.

However, it does suffer from the same disadvantages as Imperial Predators. It can’t split fire (the Black Templars can give their Predators Power of the Machine Spirit. Lucky sods) and must remain stationary to fire all of it’s weapons. It’s also a lot more expensive than Long Fangs (in almost any combination) and a lucky meltagun could kill it in one.

Chaos Space Marine Vindicator

Another truly cracking model

This is another win. It is just a normal Vindicator, just like the CSM Predator, but like the Predator, it can be ungraded with Combi-weapons and Daemonic Possession. Give it the latter and your awesome tank just became stun lock proof. If I’m honest, there is nothing else I need to say about this. It sort of talks for itself.

The only problem is (so you are about to see) it competes with the Obliterators for Force Org slots. But I advise taking at least one of these bad-boys every day of the week.



You are probably aquatinted with the phrase ‘so fail it’s win’. Well the Obliterator is ‘so win it’s fail’. Why? Because everyone just default takes these guys. I can see why. They’re not too expensive, and and basically Terminators with W2 and every special weapon. And I mean every. Multi-meltas, Plasma Cannons, Power Fists, Lascannons, the works. And they can Deep Strike. These guys are the best suicide unit in the game. Drop ’em in backfield and let them go nuts.

Drawbacks? They are kind of expensive, but for what they provide for the army it’s totally worth it. Also, no-one is unaware of how dangerous these guys are, and so will become the number one bullet magnet. Which could make life a lot easier for your Cult Troops. And if they deal with the Cult Troops, there’s a load of angry Obliterators behind them. It’s a lose-lose situation for your opponent.


OK, this one is a bit badass

Sadly, also a bit of a fail. These guys are just expensive, metal (yep, they be old) Devastators. However, on the plus side, they can take Flamers, Plasma Guns and Meltaguns as well. We’re talking drive-by Rhino goodness here. This is the one place it may be worthwhile to put Possession on your Rhino, where you can just drive about double meltaing (new word) anything that needs a good meltagun to the face.

These guys aren’t a favourite of mine though, the way I figure it, there are some much better choices elsewhere in the Codex that can do their job (infiltrating Chosen with any damn special weapon you please), or other things contending for their Heavy Support slot (Defilers, Vindicators, Obliterators). If you do want to take them, double up every special weapon you give them, just to be sure.


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