Kings of War-Hobby on the Cheap

WAAAGH! Oh no-that's the other ones isn't it...

After smurfing (technical term) around the internet, I discovered Mantic Games. I had heard of Mantic before, and that Alessio Cavatore had joined their ranks, but I hadn’t really looked into it. Having nothing else to do, I had a smurf (still a technical term) and read the rules for Kings of War. It seemed good. I wondered as to how playable it would be. So, for the new year, I’ve written a 700pts (works for a quick game) Orc list based around the Army bundle box.

The List

1xKrudger (Avatars of War model)

30 (Horde)x Ax-Banner, Musician

20 (Regiment)x Greatax-Banner. Musician

3 (Troop)x Orclings

3 (Troop)x Orclings

10 (Regiment)x Gore Riders-Banner, Musician


I’ve added the Kurdger because an army don’t feel quite right without some form of leader. Also, with an Me of 3+ and Crushing Strength(2), he hits automatically with a healthy 5 attacks. I might place him on a Gore and use him as a War Engine hunter.

I’ve added Banners and Musicians for two reasons, 1) for 25pts for the both of them it’s worth it for what you’re getting, and 2) it looks cooler.

The Gore Riders are something I’m really liking. With sixteen attacks and Me 3+, they’ll be used in flanking units and destroying annoying War Engines.

I have so idea what I’m going to use the Orclings for, probably just getting in the way being annoying, and the Ax and Greatax will form up as my line infantry.


As I stated at the beginning, the whole objective of this is to get an army at as low a price as possible. As I plan of purchasing this gear on Total Wargamer, the lot comes to £47.57, which is good, considering a Horde of Ax normally costs 25 quid.

Next time, a product review of the models.


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