Warhammer Forge-Fimir

Now with Great Weapons!


In 3rd edition, we thought we would never have to see these guys again, but with GW’s new thing of bringing back old models (Lammasu)/races (Chaos Dwarves) it was inevitable, and so, with Storm of Magic the Fimir returned. Or, at least, one guy did.

But Warhammer Forge is going the whole hog and re-releasing Fimir Warriors in their upcoming book: Monstrous Arcana, which is going to contain more Storm of Magic bound monsters. The Fimir themselves are coming out in the first quarter of next year, and the book should be coming out at the same time.

From a rules perspective, all I can say is what’s in the picture: they’re monstrous infantry that can/come with Great Weapons.


I like these models. I’ve seen the old Fimir (I still play HeroQuest) and Warhammer Forge have done great work making them look modern and more believable, and from a rules point, if Tamurkhan is anything to go by, these guys are going to be at least viable. I’d say they’ll be able to run with Warriors (yes!), Beastmen and Orcs.

However, the more grizzled of our readers will remember the old Fimir fluff (and everything that entailed). I really hope that they retcon the living daylights out of these guys. Everything about their fluff was great, except the *ahem* reproductive method. Please Warhammer Forge, please ‘fix’ this.


Models: 8/10

Rule: N/A

I may very well buy these, as long as they ‘fix’ the fluff.


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