Dealing with ‘That Guy’-Know Thy Enemy

We all know That Guy. He’s well enough known that his name counts as a proper noun. But how do you, a) identify him and b) deal with him. This will become a regular thing, and should help all you people with dealing with him.

Know Thy Enemy

For a start, how do you know that someone is ‘That Guy’? The stereotype is a fat, spotty bloke with many unpainted Space Marines that he plays as all the MEQ codexes. And Grey Knights. But it’s not that simple. Lots of people have unpainted Space Marines that count as different codexes, it makes sense. Why wouldn’t you if you could? It adds more variety to your hobby.

So, what is he then? I’ve built up a little list:

1) They reckon their army is best and every other army is terrible (exemptions are noobs who don’t know anything about the other armies, and people that play exceptionally well).

2) They don’t listen to advice from others (again, ignore in the case of really good players).

3) They suffer from a terrible arrogance

4) They blame everything exempt their own tactical skill in the case of a loss.

Now, all these things are annoying, and people may suffer from one of then or all of them and be fine, but there are the things our That Guy does.

Check back soon for Dealing with Thy Enemy.


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